Don’t Let a Commercial Property Restoration Put You Out

Depending on which report you read, this hurricane season could prove to be a below-average year — or one that brings some high-intensity storms to Florida. Per an article in Florida Trend magazine, “The Weather Company, an IBM Business, now expects a total of 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes for the 2017 season.”

Fortunately, in greater Tampa Bay we don’t generally need to worry about hurricanes, but business owners know just how bad the impact flooding can have. Storms can also increase the potential for mold and mildew issues or even fire and smoke damage.

Depending on the extent of a property’s damage, business owners may seek out temporary office space.

There are many instances where offices, buildings or warehouse facilities need to undergo restoration and renovation after storm damage. And cleaning up work and rebuilding can take time.

As a business owner, you know that downtime related to an issue like that can affect sales. It’s one of the many reasons why temporary office space can be a great solution — whether it’s for your entire company or just a few employees.

Mike Jemison, COO at Solution Source, a general contracting and restoration company in Plant City says that, “depending on the nature of the damage, you can expect to be out of your office space for a few weeks up to a few months. It really just depends on the level of work needed to restore the exterior and interior of your building.”

Smart business owners also seek out short term offices for a variety of other reasons. Short term offices may be used when a company is:

  • Building out commercial office spaces

  • Building brand new offices

  • Undergoing renovations and upgrades to existing office space

  • Hiring seasonal staff

  • Hiring sales or support staff in markets away from company headquarters

Regardless of the reason, it’s the flexibility and reasonable pricing that make temporary or short term leasing options so valuable. It’s also why these options are increasing in popularity — decision makers at Tampa organizations realize that they have an ‘office space safety net’ if they have issues with their current space.

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