3 Reasons Why Property Managers Love Short Term Office Rentals

If you’ve ever had to look for office space, you know it can be sometimes prove to be a hassle. In Tampa Bay, we’re seeing a tightening of the office market, with low vacancy and little incoming development. Even after you’ve found the right office to lease there may be some kind of waiting period – whether it’s due to renovations or remodelings, build-outs, or you’re just waiting for the previous tenant to move-out. Whatever the reason, you don’t want any more downtime for your business waiting on office space and property managers don’t want to lose out on a lease.

That’s why many property managers and landlords love temporary solutions, like short term office rentals. Short term office rentals provide convenient, professional office solutions for businesses needing access to functioning office space due to office downtime.

While you probably think of short term office rentals as traditional executive suites, the rise of coworking and workplace-as-a-service concepts have expanded the idea of what a temporary office space can provide. Today’s short term rentals feature a la carte services and en suite packages that can be specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

Cost, convenience and accessibility all make short term office rentals a favored solution for property managers needing temporary placement for an incoming tenant.


For property managers, losing out on a tenant means losing out on cashflow. However, keeping costs low while finding a temporary solution for a tenant is also important. Most short term office rentals offered through coworking venues offer a variety of cost-effective options.

Property managers can place tenants in an office space that fits their needs while keeping costs low. Typically, coworking spaces have fewer (and sometimes none) of the ancillary costs and fees associated with a traditional executive suite lease.


Another reason property managers love referring tenants to short term office rentals is their convenience. Coworking spaces are, by design, incredibly convenient. Flexible rental options and availability of service makes them a perfect solution for a client or tenant who can’t afford office downtime.


Another key feature of short term office rentals is their accessibility. Coworking spaces and other shared office concepts have really embraced the idea of “on-demand” office space. With minimal paperwork and a streamlined application process, many short term office rentals allow tenants to start working immediately.

Most spaces also offer ancillary services, like access to hourly meeting rooms, reception services or virtual mailboxes.


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