Florida Maintains #1 Foreclosure Status


Florida in Top 3 For US Foreclosure Activity

According to RealtyTrac, Florida is in the top three for foreclosure activity in the United States. The Sunshine States foreclosure rate increased 7% in the 1st quarter, and increased 17%  from 2012’s 1st quarter.  Seven Florida cities were in the top 10 highest metro area foreclosure rates in the 1st quarter. The City of  Tampa is #5 with one in 100 housing units in foreclosure… Continue Reading…




SunRail $195M Operation/Maintenance Contact goes to Bombardier

Bombardier Transportation, a rail technology firm out of Germany  receives a 10+ year, $195 million operations & maintenance service contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)  for Central Florida’s $1.3 billion SunRail commuter rail.

Contract services will include: operations, dispatching, fleet & track maintenance, customer service, station platform &  facility maintenance…Continue Reading 




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